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TUI - sound travels

Sound Travels

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TUI - sound travels

Sound Travels

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TUI - sound travels

Sound Travels

How does your dream holiday sound?
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Contest Rules

Contest Organizer

TUI Nordic

Contest period

April – mars 2017


Everyone from age 18, who is a resident of Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland. Employees of TUI Nordic and their families may not participate in this contest. The only thing needed to participate is to try out Sound Travel (and motivate why you should win this contest).


One winner per Nordic country is chosen directly after the completed time period. The winners will be notified and contacted by TUI Nordic via their registered email address. If the winner cannot be reached within 14 days, another winner will be chosen.

TUI Nordic has the right to publish the winners’ names on, as well as TUI’s Facebook page and Instagram account.


The prize is a gift card for any choice of travel with TUI worth 15,000 SEK/14,000 NOK/11,700 DKK/1,580 EUR. This prize is personal and cannot be given away or exchanged for cash. Any applicable taxes are to be paid by the winner.


The jury consists of representatives from the TUI Nordic Marketing department. The decision of the jury cannot be appealed.

What’s this?

What’s this?

Sound Travels is a fun way to travel to your dream destination. Create a unique soundtrack and share it with your friends.
How it works

How it works

Hold your thumb, or click your cursor on the fingerprint icon to listen. Three sounds will repeat until you choose by releasing your thumb or cursor. Continue listening through five steps, choosing your favourite of the three sounds each time.
Share & enter

Share & enter

Once you’ve gone through all the steps, you’ll arrive at your destination and soundtrack. Share with your friends, and if you're not happy with your result - just sound travel again!